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Wheatgrass Juice Bar

Wheatgrass Juice Bar


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About Us

Wheatgrass Juice Bar and More LLC is celebrating three years of serving our community Raw Juices, Cold Pressed Bottles, Wheatgrass or Ginger Shots, Real Food Smoothies, Salads, Soups,Vegan and Gluten Free Food/Snacks plus Kangen 9.5 Alkaline Mineralized Water. We take pride in offering Holistic Care with Essential Oils, Body Compass Scan and Natural Organic PURE Supplements for total body care.

Wheatgrass Juice Bar goes beyond the usual offerings with healing whole food nutrients. Using mainly local fresh fruits and vegetables and organic and local when possible. #keepowensborohealthy


Come in for a great lunch or quick healthy smoothie!
We serve a variety of Cold Pressed Juices/Salads/Protein Power Balls/Healthy Snacks for Grab and Go!
Our Smoothies are the best in town made with real food!  Big O Takeout does our Delivery!
We serve fresh juiced organic Wheatgrass Shots!  Locally grown and certified!
We offer a variety of shots!  Come in and select what you need!
One of the favorites here is the Smoothie Bowl which is our Incredible Hulk recipe with fresh fruit and granola
Heavenly Hummus Veggie Wrap on Gluten free Spinach Wrap
Taco Tuesday on Gluten free wrap
We have a variety of vegan soup of the day
Green Packet certified organic, non GMO, and gluten free packet of Greens to mix at home or with one of our juices or smoothies gives you 3 servings of greens
Essential oils are always diffused here as well as to purchase a kit or any of our Young Living Oils or Supplements
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Our Zyto Body Compass Scan is perfect to determine your body's needs for optimal health and only takes 4 mins to complete.  Schedule by apt.
HEALTHY WATER! Kangen 9.5 Alkaline Mineralized Water is the best in town.  We test water for PH and for ORP.  Sold by bottle, gallons or monthly membership
Our famous Ginger Shots have made an impact in our community and now are available to take home for daily shots!
We serve Hemp Protein Powder in our smoothies or on shelf for take home
Uncorked Supplements for Energy, Detox or Sleep Help
A variety of fresh daily salads to choose from
We dehydrate for yummy snacks: cucumber chips, banana chips or homemade pulp crackers for our soups
Pre and Pro-Biotics for Digestive Health is the best on the market for a healthy gut and boost immune system
A variety of healthy snacks
Grab the Gold Protein Bars tastes like the Oatmeal no bake cookies... yum
Now serving our own "Legal Hippie" CBD oil.  We teamed up with local farmers who grow Hemp organically as well as  our very own cultivation and extraction specialist to offer the best in town . CBD oil has helped many people with many issues when it comes to health, and we wanted to be part of it!